The Gift of Travel

Travel – if you let it – will take you on long, winding journeys to far off places, luring you in with the promise of mystery and endless possibilities.  Your senses become sponges and your imagination dances.  And that’s just it: aside from abandoning the banality of our daily lives, travel sparks a desire within us to push past the limitations in which we’ve allowed ourselves to succumb, and to imagine, if only for a short while, what our lives might be like if we hung our hats elsewhere.

Living the life of a traveler, for even the shortest of times, is medicine for the soul.  It pushes us out of our comfort zones and into a world of colorful languages, exotic landscapes, fascinating cultures and quiet self-discovery.  With each step we take on unfamiliar soil, we unearth pieces of our spirits we never knew existed.

And it for this very reason, I dedicate this blog to anyone who believes in living rather than existing and hopes to discover their path somewhere along the way.


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