Athens: The City of Gods

Right now is a devastating time in Greece – especially, Athens.  Between all of the family businesses that are closing their doors and the fatalities resulting from riots, Athens (Athina in Greek) is a disaster.  Government corruption and the “grey market” (tax evasion) has run rampant for decades on end, and now it’s on the brink of sending this beauty-filled and historically rich country careening down into anarchic ravage.

As a Greek citizen and someone for whom Athens holds a special place in my heart, this post and small collection of photos is dedicated to the elegance, legacy and joie de vivre (kefi in Greek) that filled the streets of Athens not so long ago.

House of Parliament

Lycabettus Hill

Athenian chapel

Café near Syntagma Square (Constitution Square)

Restoring the Hadrian Library

The Plaka (Old Town)

Taverna in the Plaka

Greek fast food

A sunny Athenian morning

Athens has the most beautiful subway system in the world

Athens: Once a hub for small businesses

Living history

*All photographs have been taken by the author.


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