The Basque Country in Pictures

The Basque country is a stunning region tucked away in the southwestern corner of France and spans across the border into northern Spain.  It boasts a handsomely rugged coastline, countless surf breaks, succulent seafood, white and chili-red colored Basque architecture, and mouth-watering chocolate.  Famous places and sights in the Basque country include the heart of French luxury, Biarritz; the breathtaking coastal city of San Sebastián; and of course, Frank Gehry’s masterpiece and home to envelope-pushing art, The Guggenheim in Bilbao.

For those of you who love photo-journals, here are a few snapshots I took.  I hope it will inspire to visit the region in the not so distant future.

The Guggenheim in Bilbao

Traditional Basque architecture

The tiny town of Arcangues

A Biarritz estate

La Côte Basque

The Basques: The original chocolatiers

Simple beauty

European surfing capital

French & Basque sign (traditional Basque lettering below the French)


2 responses to “The Basque Country in Pictures

  1. Really awesome post. Really..

  2. Very nice… specially the sign with the distinctive basque type! Its very interesting to how people see the Basque Country and what strikes them most!

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