Photo Diary: Seoul

Here are a handful of choice photographs from the year I spent living in Seoul.  Seoul may quite easily be one of the most fascinating and amusing cities in the world.  If you haven’t visited yet – go!

Free Hugs from the Police in Gangnam, Seoul

Western toilets may be gaining popularity, but squat pots are still everywhere

A public garden near my apartment in Gangnam

Butt pads: I asked one of my students about this and she mimed the shape of Jennifer Lopez's backside

Seoulites love color, especially the ajumas (older married women)

Bean Pole is a HUGE brand in Korea - not sure they know what it means

A gorgeous vegetarian meal - costs less than US$5

Uni-sex (no joke) sleepwear for adults

Autumn in Olympic Park

The famed Urban Hive building - superb café, Take Urban, on the ground floor

All of this headgear is not uncommon

View of Samseong from my tub at the Park Hyatt


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