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A Modern Travel Trend

The economic downturn – though challenging for many, including the tourism industry –  has spurred a massive movement towards “staycations.”  Instead of vacating their lives and flying thousands of miles away, people all over the globe are choosing a more economical, eco-friendly holiday: finding bliss and adventure in their state or home country.

Seeing that I’m in Hawaii – 8 miles from Waikiki, to be precise – I’ve decided to embrace the trend myself.  So for the next month, I’m going to be a tourist in my own home and show you the best of what the island of O’ahu has to offer.

Check back in a couple days to hear about my first “staycation-style” exploration.  Feel free to post suggestions, comments or questions at any time.  On that note, my friends, aloha!


The Essence of Travel

Beyond the basic concept of travel

Travel, according to the New Oxford American Dictionary, is the act of making a journey, typically of some length or abroad. And in the most basic sense yes, this definition is true.  However, a recent move of apartments reminded me that there are no parameters for defining travel.

My move took me from a nice ground floor apartment surrounded by lovely greenery to a similarly designed apartment just six floors up, and it is remarkable how those six floors allowed me to step into an entirely different frame of mind.  Between the light and airy feel and the expansive view from my lanai (Hawaiian for terrace), I felt my spirit lift within 24-hours of moving in.

Instead of waking up mid-morning and groggily making my way to the nearby coffee shop, I find myself rising at dawn and breakfasting on the lanai as the sun makes its ascent into the sky.  Varying plays of light, an array of unfamiliar sounds, and a whole new vista – wait, aren’t these the things people so often say they love about traveling?

I may have not gone far, but I feel as though I’ve traversed the globe many times over.  What a difference a new perspective – quite literally – has had on my daily life, and most definitely for the best.  After all, travel is simply any movement that allows you to see things from a new point a view, with a fresh pair of eyes.  And this sort of joy is available to anyone, rich or poor.  If you don’t have the time or the means to journey to foreign soil, try stepping outside of your daily routine to spice things up.  Whether it’s taking a stroll in a neighborhood other than your own or visiting your local arts museum, your mind and spirit will thank you.

*For photo source, click here.

The Gift of Travel

Travel – if you let it – will take you on long, winding journeys to far off places, luring you in with the promise of mystery and endless possibilities.  Your senses become sponges and your imagination dances.  And that’s just it: aside from abandoning the banality of our daily lives, travel sparks a desire within us to push past the limitations in which we’ve allowed ourselves to succumb, and to imagine, if only for a short while, what our lives might be like if we hung our hats elsewhere.

Living the life of a traveler, for even the shortest of times, is medicine for the soul.  It pushes us out of our comfort zones and into a world of colorful languages, exotic landscapes, fascinating cultures and quiet self-discovery.  With each step we take on unfamiliar soil, we unearth pieces of our spirits we never knew existed.

And it for this very reason, I dedicate this blog to anyone who believes in living rather than existing and hopes to discover their path somewhere along the way.