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Home Cooking with a Twist of Chic

Peace Cafe logo

Wandering around downtown earlier this evening I stumbled upon one of Honolulu’s best kept secrets: Peace Cafe. With a colorful well-appointed shop front, it was hard not to notice this chic little eatery amidst the grit of King Street.  A quick peek through their windows allowed my curiosity and empty stomach to get the best of me.  After contemplating the menu for far too long – everything sounds delicious! – I took a seat at a stunning, communal-style wooden table and sipped a glass of lemon-mint iced water.

Peace Cafe snaps

Peace Cafe prides itself in serving only vegan cuisine, which means that all of their food is free of processed ingredients and animal products (eggs, dairy, meat).  The menu boasts succulent dishes such as Morrocan stew, carrot and pumpkin miso soup, and cilantro hummus sandwich on freshly baked ciabatta bread.  Awakening the taste buds and defying the negative stereotypes about vegan food,  Peace Cafe’s offerings are rich in flavor – so much so that they attract a clientele which is diverse in age, character, and diet.

For those of you who are not up for a full meal, you can linger over an iced matcha latte or an exotic kinako latte – which tastes a lot like peanut butter even though it’s soy-based.  Or why not try a cup of Kusmi Tea from Paris?  Whatever you choose, be sure to try one of their many sweets.  Don’t worry, it won’t go to your waist – it’s vegan!

Even with such scrumptious food and a décor that oozes love and comfort, Peace Cafe offers yet another great touch: music themes for each day of the week such as Jazzense, Indie Express, BossaNova Playas, or Girl Power.  Today was Girl Power Friday, which meant Björk and Frou Frou were the soundtrack for my dinner.  Some other artists on Peace Cafe’s playlist are Wilco, Medeski Martin & Wood, Sergio Mendes, Manu Chao, the Beatles and Charlotte Gainsbourg.

Although it took far too long for me to choose from their enticing menu, it took only a few seconds to realize that Peace Cafe is the perfect urban oasis.  Its icterine yellow walls, ambient music, careful selection of handcrafted furniture, half dozen potted plants and flawless lighting – Etsy, no less! – make it the coziest cafe on the island.  Regardless of whether you’re a vegan, Peace Cafe is not to be missed.

*Peace Cafe is open from 11am – 7pm on weekdays and 12-4pm on weekends.  Click for directions.   Photos are – although great, don’t do the place justice! – from Peace Cafe’s website.